Monday, 3 November 2008

Travel to: Bermuda

Can you imagine, living on a little rock in the middle of the ocean, more than 1000 miles away from the next mainland? If so, come to Bermuda and share the 20 sq miles with about 60.000 other people. It's worth it!

I flew to Bermuda at the height of the summer in august 2008. I was flying from NY, impatiently screening the sea for my first glance of the island. And how it is in life sometimes, one you're there, it goes quick! I just managed to dig up my camera and take one or two shots and we had already landed. Once the cabin-doors opened, I got my first two impressions, that actually stuck in my brain till the end of my visit. First: Wow, it's hot and humid! Second: where does that interesting sound comes from? It turned out to be the mating call of tree-frogs (I'll try to post a sound file later) that starts in almost every part of the island as soon as the sun sets.

After having two fabulous weeks with my host-family, I started my internship at the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo: ( I worked with Thad Murdoch who is running several scientific projects, one of is the BREAM Project. If you want to see some beautiful underwater pictures and learn a bit about Bermudas aquatic world, visit his blog:

For people who are interested, the zoo provides volunteering or internship opportunities depending on your training. If you're not blessed with an endless money-supply you might have to life on a small budget, which i found out is possible even in Bermuda.

If you want to know more about volunteering or internship opportunities just send me an email or post a comment.

I'll post some info and photos later to give you an impression what (the natural side of) Bermuda is like.

Here we are...again!

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

I took the old blog down in order to create a different type of blog, but keeping the name. I still want to share my pictures with everyone out there, but also share some stories and give insights in what I'm doing and what I'm passionated about! Hope it will be enjoyable :)